W. Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG


Facts & Figures

Employees 170
Turnover € 20 million

ISO 9001:2015;
Oeko Tex


W. Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG

Zimmermann produces elastic and non-elastic covered yarns with great precision for the highest requirements. Our headquarters and production site are located in Germany. Recently we expanded and merged with DynaYarn USA, to include another production site in the US. Our absolute orientation towards quality, innovation and sustainability creates trust through reliability. Our patented Novonic innovations are being used in several of our products. Through these innovations we transform excellent basic yarns into advanced and functional covered yarns.

Performance and competence:

- Results-oriented, highly skilled and experienced
  Research & Development department
- Enthusiastic team encouraging innovation and flexibility
- Limitless possibilities for covered yarn constructions
- Highest level of production for Technical yarns

Product Innovation:

- Compression: covered yarns made of new, proven and sustainable materials
  specifically for the compression market.
- Smart textiles: heatable , radiation shielding, data transferable, muscle
  stimulating, etc.
- Sustainability of fibrous composite material, i.e., carbon: combined with
   various yarns can be used in light metal construction or aviation materials
   (in cooperation with our customers, new covering technology makes it
   possible to work with carbon). 

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