vombaur GmbH & Co. KG


Facts & Figures

Employees 85
Turnover € 11 million
Certifications ISO 9001

vombaur GmbH & Co. KG

vombaur is a development partner for woven tapes and seamless tubular woven narrow textiles made of high-performance fibres. The tubes and 3D fabrics are woven on custom-made looms. The woven tubes have neither seams nor sweat lines and are therefore exceptionally resilient. The woven tapes have closed, woven edges. The elastic UD tubulars maintain their 0° orientation over the entire component length, even when stretched. 

We define all specifications individually and in accordance with the respective mechanical, chemical, and thermal loads of our customers’ projects. This produces seamless, round woven high-tech tubulars and tapes that fulfill very special and demanding requirements. Seamless solutions. 


Product innovation

Plastics reinforced with flax fibers 

High rigidity and strength with low weight 
Flax fibres are particularly rigid and tear-proof. Textiles made of flax fibres therefore give natural fibre reinforced plastics (NFPs) special stability. Additionally, flax has a low density. The components combine high rigidity and strength with low weight. Another plus: natural fibre-reinforced plastics are less prone to splintering than glass fibre reinforced plastics. And the cultivation of flax binds CO2 and the production of NFP generates 33 percent lower CO2 emissions. Composites from flax tapes are e. g. used to reinforce high-tech skis or for extruding state-of-the-art window sections. 

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