Topp Textil GmbH

Durach (Allgäu)

Facts & Figures


Turnover € 25 million
Certifications carbon neutral, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 (in progress)

Topp Textil GmbH

Topp Textil GmbH is a leading manufacturer of textile tapes, components and coated textiles with worldwide about 200 employees. Topp products are used for aesthetic and functional purposes in the automotive, aviation, engineering, medical, hometex and fashion industry. Production facilities are at the headquarter in Durach (Germany) and at three further sites in Italy and Romania. 

In an own weaving mill Topp produces woven fabrics and seamless tube fabrics. Additionally, woven and knitted fabrics as well as nonwovens are confectioned into tapes. The tapes can be punched, folded, glued, printed and sewed up. An extrusion coating machine allows versatile coating and functionalization options of textile webs. 


Product innovation

Solvent-free direct coating of textiles by extrusion 
Since 2019 Topp Textil possesses a state-of-the art extrusion coating. With this machine, various polymers can be melted and coated directly on substrate webs. The substrates can be woven and knitted fabrics, nonwovens as well as films and foams. Besides one-sided open laminates it is possible to produce closed laminates with two substrate outer layers. The production can be done in a time and energy saving way and completely solvent free in a single process step. Not only is this particularly sustainable but it also allows clear cost benefits for the final product. 


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