Topocrom GmbH

Topocrom GmbH

Topocrom GmbH is a medium-sized company for surface technology, with plating shop in Stockach and approx. 50 employees. We are development leader in our industrie with longlasting experience in the field of surface engineering. Topocrom® layers are produced exclusively in closed systems to protect people and the environment. Therefore be got an approval from the EU Commission to use chromium trioxid for another 12 years. Our core competence is our Topocrom® coating with the typical hemispherical surface structure. Possible roughness values Rz 4 μm – 60 μm, RPc values from 80 to 250/cm.


Product innovation:

Carbonprocessing coating

Our Topocrom® carbonprocessing coating has extremely good sliding abilities to produce or process yarns and filaments in a fiber-friendly way. Especially when processing highly sensitive composite fibres as carbon, glass, aramide or basalt, filament breaks can be ruduced up to 70 %, less dust, windings and adhering are generated. Topocrom® coatings have a hardness of 900 - 1000 HV and therefore also show a high abrasion restistance.

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