Stäubli Bayreuth GmbH


Facts & Figures

Employees 5.000
Turnover CHF 1.25 billion

Stäubli Bayreuth GmbH

The Stäubli Group
Stäubli was founded in 1892 in Horgen/Zurich and today has its head office in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. The company provides technological solutions with three dedicated activities: Connectors, Robotics and Textile.

Stäubli Textile
Stäubli is a leading manufacturer of sophisticated high-speed systems for the weaving industry and offers tailor-made solutions for its customers.
The range extends from automation solutions for weaving preparation, shedding solutions for frame weaving, Jacquard machines, to weaving systems for carpets and technical textiles, as well as automation solutions for circular knitting machines.
Stäubli machines are ideally suited for the production of technical textiles such as geotextiles, filters, tyre cord, fabrics for parachutes, fire protection or weather protection as well as paper machine clothing, so called OPW (one-piece-woven) airbags, and much more.


Product innovation:

TF20 series weaving system for technical textiles

Development engineers work together with weaving mills to precisely define the specified fabric characteristics, the yarn materials to be used, and the required weave structure of the fabric for each project. With the TF20 series weaving system, Stäubli offers the optimal weaving system for technical textiles of any nature. Individually configurable and equipped with advanced technology, the TF20 allows the free design of textiles for a wide range of applications, from reinforcing fabrics for lightweight parts and assemblies to spacer fabrics and multilayer fabrics with novel weave structures and material mixes.

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