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Lightweight design requires the smart combination of materials, processes and methods. SIMUTENCE offers simulation methods for the virtual design of fiber-reinforced composites and hybrids. Our approach is a holistic Virtual Process Chain for a robust and efficient product development. We offer independent engineering services, tailored simulation approaches based on software add-ons for commercial simulation software as well as consulting and training for the virtual product development. Our background as a spin-off company of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) enables us to support and supply simulation methods based on the latest state of the art.


Product innovation:

Holistic virtual Process Chain

The SIMUTENCE Virtual Process Chain starts with the definition of a concept and results in an optimized product. Already in the design phase, we apply our advanced methods for process simulations to virtually ensure manufacturability as well as to predict relevant manufacturing effects, such as fiber orientation distribution. Beyond that, suitable process parameters can be virtually predicted. Finally, warpage and structural analyses are applied to assure dimensional stability as well as the fulfillment of structural requirements. The manufacturing effects predicted by the process simulation are taken into account, which significantly increases prediction accuracy.

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