Siemens AG

Facts & Figures

Employees > 5,000
Turnover > 1,000 mill. €
Certifications DIN ISO 9001, UL508A, DIN ISO 14001

Siemens AG

New, innovative materials such as composites demand new requirements in the construction and processing. From the product idea to the efficient production of the final component Siemens offers for all process steps efficient and innovative solutions.

Take advantage of our extensive experiences and our profound understanding for the automation of production processes in areas such as fiber and fabrics production, forming and CNC machining of the work piece.

With the consequentially derived automation solutions on basis of our innovative controls, drives and motors sets Siemens the course for the breakthrough of mass production in the manufacturing of composite parts.


Product innovation:

Carbon fiber cabinet protection

The processing of dry carbon-fibers to semi-finished products such as woven fabrics results in airborne fluff through abrasion and clippings. When they end up inside of the control cabinet they can cause failures in electronic components because of their conductivity. This results in interruptions of the production, a lower productivity through machine downtimes as well as increased “life-cycle costs”.

Siemens offers a comprehensive expertise relating to the topic of carbon fiber cabinet protection. Our control cabinet experts have developed an extensive set of measures from which a wide variety can be applied to enhance cabinet protection.

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