pervormance international GmbH

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Employees 10
Turnover on demand
Certifications Klimaneutrales Unternehmen (climate partners)

pervormance international GmbH

With their active cooling functional textiles, the innovative family-run company has opened up a completely new niche on the textile market. The innovative system technology cools by up to 12°C, with approx. 660 Wh. The clothing of the E.COOLINE brand helps people whose workplace is subjected to temperatures of over 26°C, patients with heat-related accompanying diseases, competitive sportsmen and women – in fact, anyone who is affected by the increasing temperatures, due to climate change. The range also includes cooling products for animals, and further developments are underway. The SlimCOOL range is a completely new product line that helps people to lose weight through cooling. In 2013, the company became the first climate-neutral textile company in the world and a member of the United Nations UN Global Compact.


Product innovation:


Sweating uses up to 80 % of our energy, and is accompanied by a heavy burden on the cardiovascular system. The 3D COOL technology used in E.COOLINE demonstrably reduces heat stress and functions without any external sources of energy. The T-shirts, waistcoats, headgear and arm and leg coolers, for use in any high-temperature situations, are ready for use in five seconds, and they remain cool for several hours.
The products are effective, dry, hygienic and washable. One new development from the cosmetics department of this innovative company, which is sold under the SlimCOOL brand, reduces the circumference of the body via scientifically substantiated activation of the fat metabolism, through the use of cooling textiles.

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