manaomea GmbH

Facts & Figures

Employees 4
Yarns in one Easy-Going 288
Awards PSI Sustainability Award 2016, European Ethical Design Award 2016

manaomea GmbH

Manaomea wants to change the world for the better: Our mission starts with products that have their own story. Products from which new houses can be built; products which lead to conversations, and which inspire joy. It’s Manaomea’s material. A novel and versatile material from textile waste, natural fibres and organic polymers. We are researchers with years of experience in the aerospace industry. We developed our patented manufacturing method to make high-end material. Our factory is powered by green energy from small-scale hydropower plants. We take particular pride in closed- loop recycling and the high quality of our production. Our self- developed organic polymer consists of 95 % agricultural waste.


Product innovation:

Textile waste: ‘Such stuff as dreams are made on’ (William Shakespeare, The Tempest)

We are starting out with very special pens: Each is natural and one of a kind, an alchemic transmutation from waste to treasure, ready to write wondrous tales. They playfully upcycle scraps that you (if you like!) and the world discard. Their singular composition is apparent in either a very noble or a casual, understated way. They make a statement for recycling, for courageous and responsible business practices, and it’s, if you want, the most beautiful messenger of your own personal story. In the future, furniture and entire houses can be built of Manaomea’s novel material. A practical, sophisticated one from recycled and natural resources, for use in unique and environmentally sound projects.

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