M&A Dieterle GmbH

Facts & Figures

Employees approx. 100
Turnover 13 mill. €

M&A Dieterle GmbH

We are a medium-sized family-owned business in southern Germany. We have more than 60 years experience in the development and construction of tailor-made machinery and components in the field of textile, pharma and paper industry. Our machines produce drying fabrics, filter screens and felts.

We offer customized machines for fiber-reinforced material production and processing. This includes spreading, impregnation, binder-fixed thin ply tape (fixedTow) and tape production and automated dry fiber placement machines.

Alongside, we offer material production, process development and simulation, machine training and feasibility studies.


Product innovation:

Fiber processing machines

We offer fiber processing machines designed by the principle „less is more“ – they are easily operable, compact and flexible.

Example I: UD - fixedTow production line produces a uniform spread and binder-fixed thin ply tape. Other impregnation modes can be integrated as modules. The textile fixedTow is converted to preforms and fabrics. Variable is:

  • Fiber type (12-50 k)
  • Binder type (thermoplastic, thermoset)
  • Areal weight: fiber (> 60 g/m2) binder (> 5 g/m2)

Example II: Crosslayer
Automated dry fiber placement machine using fixedTow thin ply tapes. Tailored laying of preforms and fabrics. Variable
is the fiber orientation, number of stacks and shape. An exchangeable frame enables compatibility to stitching machines (TFP) to further optimize the preform.

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