Fiber Engineering GmbH

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Employees 7
Turnover <1 mill. €
Certifications ISO 9000


Fiber Engineering GmbH

Since 2003, Fiber Engineering develop 3D parts made of fibres using fibre injection moulding (FIM) technology.
FIM technology is specifically suitable for directly produced 3D components without a semi product.


  • Production of 2D or 3D components directly from staple
  • Minimization of unit costs through reduced waste and
    optimized density distribution
  • Component weight reduction of up to 50 % compared to
    traditional technologies
  • Can be used for many different fibre variations or combi-
  • Utilization of recycling material
  • Process innovation through patented injection technology
  • Automated system with high throughput

Product Portfolio with FIM – Development of 3D Fibre Parts – Production of Tools – Production of Plants


Product innovation:

Fibre Injection Moulding (FIM) for the production of 3D parts

Highly efficient production through direct moulding using the FIM technology, without use of a semi product. Different material densities within the part are intended to optimize weight and stability. In addition to the weight reduction of up to 50 % (thus a reduction of material costs by 50 %), there is also no waste which allows a material utilization of 100 %. Through the use of selected fibres, the UL95-0 requirements with respect to non-burning are fulfilled and the later recycling is facilitated as well. Neither in production nor in the product’s lifetime are any hazardous substances produced. With FIM, almost all fibres could be bond with thermoplastic or duroplastic binder to 3D fibre parts.

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