Eschler Textil GmbH


Facts & Figures

Employees 60
Certifications ISO 9001, Ökotex 100

Eschler Textil GmbH

Eschler Textil GmbH has been recognized as a leader in innovative knitwear for technical applications for more than 50 years. At its headquarters in Balingen, Germany Eschler produces fabrics for the medical orthopaedic area, carrier material for laminates or coatings, cleaning textiles, smart textiles, and many other special products.

Services and competencies of Eschler Textil GmbH:

  • Customized product development and individual solutions
  • High innovation potential and flexibility for the production of small quantities
  • End-to-end solutions such as compound products, webs, or garment textiles
  • Modern and powerful machinery


Product innovation

Eschler Smart Textiles

Future-proof textiles
In the smart textiles category, Eschler Textil GmbH has developed knitted conductive fabrics that have heating capacities, can glow, or have sensory properties. The company’s close cooperation with electronics or software companies and their participation in special work groups allow them to offer a target-oriented execution of customer requirements and provide comprehensive services and solutions. Current application examples are textile switches, humidity and pressure sensors, textile panel heating products, and ambience lighting products. Especially in the area of technical textiles, the company recognizes a huge potential for smart knitted textiles.


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