Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf (DITF)


Facts & Figures

Employees approx. 250
EN ISO 13485:2016 durch BSI UK

Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf (DITF)

The DITF Denkendorf are the largest textile research centers in Europe. Three research areas, Textile Chemistry and Chemical Fibers, Textile and Process Engineering and Management Research, cover the entire textile value chain from molecule to product. DITF conduct research on new high-performance fibers and materials, on new and adaptive processes in fiber and yarn production, and in textile finishing and textile functionalization. In all research areas, modern and cutting-edge technologies are used; in addition, the potential of digital information and communications technologies are used for the textile industry, Textile 4.0. A wide range of textile testing services, prototype construction and a pilot factory complete the offer.


Product innovation

Underbody module for future automobiles

Save weight and costs through integration of functions
An underbody module that was developed within the framework of the research campus ARENA2036 fulfills several functions such as inductive charging and temperature monitoring, which saves material and costs.

On six pilot lines at the High Performance Fiber Center, we develop customized carbon fibers that can be integrated into lightweight composites. Fibers are processed using the latest 3D weaving technology to produce components in which reinforcing structures are directly integrated in the ground fabric.

Its mechanical properties are calculated in advance using numerical simulation methods and the production processes are optimized. This ensures an optimal design from the fiber level to the finished crash-proven vehicle component.


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